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How will this effect my Christian walk?
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    Dr. Silvestro was once an unsaved evolutionist but now is an avid Biblical creationist – teaching adults and kids alike that God didn’t create man from baboons, and that the Bible can be trusted from beginning to end, starting with the book of Genesis! As a graduate of Mike Riddle’s Creation College (former AiG speaker), […]

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    Dr. Robert Carter was converted to Christ at an early age, but did not know what to do with the theory of evolution. He always knew what he wanted to believe, but had no way to express what he was thinking and no evidence to support his views. In his freshman year of college, he […]

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    Kyle Justice grew up in the film industry, now owning his own media conglomerate, he uses his talents and network to share the truth of God’s Word. Kyle is the director of such titles as, “Awesome Science” and “Creeping Things” among many other well-known titles. Kyle has taken his passion for media and creation to […]