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Jay Seegert

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* Please call 1-877-479-3466 for travel & lodging expenses.  Pricing may vary.

Jay Seegert is keynote speaker and managing director of The Starting Point Project, having degrees in both Physics and Engineering Technology (Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater & John Brown University, respectively) he serves on the board of directors for Logos Research Associates, is a representative speaker for Ratio Christi, and was a former adjunct speaker for Creation Ministries International.

Jay Seegert has been speaking on the authority of Scripture for over 30 years, married for 24 years, and a father for 21 years, he lives in Wisconsin and would be glad to come speak to your group.

    Creation, Evolution & the Authority of Scripture
    Creation vs. Evolution: The Case from Science
    Top 10 Questions (about Creation vs. Evolution)
    Evolution: Probable or Problematic?
    Creation to Christ- The Old Testament In A Nutshell
    Scientific Evidence for the Inspiration of the Bible

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