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Michael Langdon joined the United States Marine Corps in 1995 and afterward joined the United States Army Chaplain Corps in 2003. He served as an Army Chaplain in the United States, Iraq, and Afghanistan until retiring from the Army in 2018. During his time in the military, he took 4 Creation Science courses from Dr. Kent Hovind, the creator of Creation Science Evangelism. This particular ministry became his passion. Now Mike lives in Riverside CA, delivering creation seminars to local churches.

This seminar is fast-paced, humorous, educating, and best of all, honoring to God! Mike’s ultimate goal is to strengthen the believer, challenge the scoffer, and glorify the Creator. If you live in the Southern California area (between LA and San Diego).

    The Big Bang
    The Age of the Earth
    Lies in the Textbooks
    Wonders of the Preflood World
    Dinosaurs and Dragons

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