DVD Production

Our DVD Production Service is very similar to our Video Production Service.

Service Overview

Every speaker should be able to hand out or sell his or her own dvds.  And with professional, polished, and engaging DVDs, this will be one of the first steps in the process of getting you more speaking engagements.

When venues are looking to hire speakers, one of the first things they want to see is a speaking sample.  A demo dvd is how you prove to people that you are a good speaker and worthy of being hired.  Your demo dvd must be made in such a way that gets your prospect’s attention instantly & keeps it.

Service Includes

Our DVD Production Service includes:

  • ◊ Studio Time
  • ◊ 2hr Video Shoot
  • ◊ 3 HD Cameras
  • ◊ 1 of 5 Styles of Backdrops
  • ◊ Title/Slogan Graphics for Slides
  • ◊ Video Editing
  • ◊ Voice-Over
  • ◊ Matching DVD Menu
  • ◊ Disc Artwork
  • ◊ DVD Cover Art
  • ◊ Finished DVD Master
  • ◊ 1,000 Slim-Line DVD Cases
  • 1,000 Replicated DVD’s


Why DVD Production?

DVDs often speak volumes through packaging & demonstrations.  One dvd can demonstrate more in a few seconds than what we can write in a few words.  People retain more when they can see & hear what they are being shown…  Which means a good dvd makes you more memorable.


(We can help you with whatever you don’t have.)

  • ◊ All subject matter is pre-approved by Creation Network
  • ◊ Creation & editing of slides (not included in original price)
  • ◊ We will coordinate studio time for filming

  • ◊ Pricing is projected for a 45-60 minute dvd project
  • ◊ Creation Network will be listed in the credits as “Producer”



Consultation from the Creation Network staff regarding your presentation, slides, artwork, additional filming, re-edits, additional changes, more dvds, or any other preparatory work will be a fee of $50.00 per hour.  This consultation time must also be scheduled through Creation Network at least 72-hours in advance of the time requested.