Product Downloads


Same Great Products & Resources with Almost No Shipping Costs


Service Overview

Sell digital products/resources at your speaking events.

Simply order the cards of the products/resources from our partner site,  We will create & ship to you a set of cards with unique codes and easy to follow instructions on how your customer can redeem for the product on the front of the card.

We sell them at a low cost so you can sell them at any price that you want.  And your customers will love not always having to wait to get home to watch their favorite dvd.

Service Includes

With Product Downloads, each card has the image of the product/resource on front, and one unique code with redeeming instructions on the back.

You will have the option of ordering:

  • ◊ Video Downloads
  • ◊ eBook Downloads
  • ◊ and Audio Downloads.


Why Product Downloads?

Technology is moving a fast past and so are the ways we use that technology.  With the rise of personal electronic devices, digital downloads are becoming the way to get resources into the hands of the people that need them.

We hope to make it easier for you to reach the people in & through the digital world.