Product Shipments

Service Overview

Have products shipped straight to your speaking venues to sell to your potential customers at your speaking events.

Simply order products/resources from our partner site,, and we will handle the processing & shipping of the products to your venues.  No need for you to stockpile a huge inventory or manage a massive warehouse, we have it covered for you.

Call 1-877-479-3466 to inquire about discounted bulk order rates.

Service Includes

Product Shipments allow you can choose from multiple products & resources, such as,

  • ◊ DVDs
  • ◊ Books
  • ◊ CDs
  • ◊ Charts & Posters
  • ◊ Teaching Aids
  • ◊ Tracts
  • ◊ Novelties
  • ◊ and more


Why Product Shipments?

Creation Speakers, in partnership with The Creation Store, has a wide variety of resources that all in some way deal with creation, and how to reach others with that information.  Not only do we stock resources that we have produced but we also carry products & resources created by other creation ministries.

We look forward to shipping your next speaking event… to get resources into the hands of those that need them.