Promo Package

(A lot of the promotional material is included in your bureau membership.)

“Ready-to-Go” = We Print & Ship

(Not One, But All of the Items Included in the Promotional Material Service + More)


Service Overview

Some of the promo package is included in your bureau membership, but the materials are digital copies only, which means you are in charge of how many & when you print your material.

Promote your speaking events in multiple ways to ensure that your name gets out to the masses.  And let’s face it, getting your name out to the public is one of the first steps in you, your business, or event/function known.  With “Ready-to-Go” Promotional Material, we will deal with the setup, printing, and shipping.

Service Includes

The “Ready-to-Go” Promo Package includes ready-made:

  • ◊ Powerpoint Presentations
  • ◊ Video on How to Speak with Authority & Style (on backorder)
    (Authority & Style Details)
  • ◊ Two-Year Apologetics Curriculum (on backorder)
    (Curriculum Details)
  • ◊ Conversations with Expert Skype Videos (on backorder)
    (Expert Video Details)
  • ◊ Discounts on
  • ◊ Creation Events Cards
  • ◊ Business Card Templates w/ Your Info
  • ◊ Poster Templates w/ Your Info
  • ◊ Other materials may become available soon
  • ◊ Cards and Posters Printed, & Shipped (to the address on file)


Why a Promo Package?

Get more value for your money.   And in case you don’t know already…  Having the basic promotional material is the one of the first steps & key to getting more speaking engagements.

Our ability to represent a speaker depends primarily on the promotional materials that the speaker provides.  With the exception of celebrity status speakers, authors, and other individuals with significant name recognition, our clients depend heavily on a speaker’s demo video and promotional packet when making their speaker selection.  That is why it is important that your promotional packet be professional, and complete with the items requested for membership requirements.

Promo Package Item Details