Speaker Liaison

Service Overview

Coordinating everything from accepting new speaking engagements, keeping your schedule, to booking travel and lodging for your speaking events can be taxing & time consuming.

So why not have one of our dedicated team members coordinate everything on your end from start to finish.  And you can dedicate more time & energy to developing your talks/messages.

Service Includes

With Speaker Liaison, you get a Dedicated Speaker Representative who will:

  • ◊ Manage Your Speaking Schedule
  • ◊ Accept New Speaking Engagements
  • ◊ Arrange Travel
  • ◊ Arrange Lodging
  • ◊ Coordinate Speaking Equipment
  • ◊ Manage Speaking Contracts
  • ◊ Manage Promotional Information
  • ◊ Manage Product Shipments
  • ◊ Manage Product Downloads
  • ◊ Gather Venue & Audience Data
  • ◊ Accept or Deny Anything Speaking Related on Your Behalf


Why a Speaker Liaison?

It takes a special kind skill to be able to successfully coordinate multiple moving components with multiple groups of people.  Trained & experienced liaisons can catch problems before they arise…  The last thing you want to do is show up at a speaking event that is not prepared for you.  Liaisons set everything up, and all you have to do is show up & knock them down.