Video Production

Service Overview

Professional, polished, and engaging videos will be one of the main factors that help vendors decide whether to choose you as a speaker.

When venues are looking to hire you as a speaker, they want to see you speak.  The demo video is how you prove to people that you are a good speaker and worthy of being hired.  Your demo video must be made in such a way that gets your prospect’s attention instantly & keeps it.

Service Includes

Our Video Production Service includes:

  • ◊ Studio Time
  • ◊ 2hr Video Shoot
  • ◊ 3 HD Cameras
  • ◊ 1 of 5 Styles of Backdrops
  • ◊ Title/Slogan Graphics for Slides
  • ◊ Video Editing
  • ◊ Voice-Over
  • ◊ Matching DVD Menu
  • ◊ Disc Artwork
  • ◊ DVD Cover Art
  • ◊ Slim-Line DVD Case
  • ◊ Finished DVD Master


Why Video Production?

Videos often speak volumes through demonstrations.  One video can easily demonstrate more in a few seconds than what we can write in a few words.  People retain more when they can see & hear what they are being shown…  Which means a good video makes you more memorable.


(We can help you with whatever you don’t have.)

  • ◊ All subject matter is pre-approved by Creation Network
  • ◊ Creation & editing of slides (not included in original price)
  • ◊ We will coordinate studio time for filming

  • ◊ Pricing is projected for a 45-60 minute video project
  • ◊ Creation Network will be listed in the credits as “Producer”



Consultation from the Creation Network staff regarding your presentation, slides, artwork, additional filming, re-edits, additional changes, or any other preparatory work will be a fee of $50.00 per hour.  This consultation time must also be scheduled through Creation Network at least 72-hours in advance of the time requested.