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Helmut Welke is a recently retired engineering manager with a Fortune 200 company. He holds BS and MS degrees in industrial engineering from the University of Illinois and has held positions in a variety of national and international assignments. He is a certified engineering manager, and in 2006 was elected to the board of trustees of IISE – an international society serving the Industrial and Systems Engineering profession. In 2012 he was honored as a “Fellow” of the IISE society.
Helmut is also president of the Quad-City Creation Science Association; founded in 2008 they are dedicated to telling the truth in science education. He is a member of the Creation Research Society and has recently been named an Ambassador/Speaker for Logos Research Associates.
In recent years he has become a popular speaker on Creation Science topics as well as Atheism and Intelligent Design. He has spoken to churches, youth groups, on college campuses and to civic organizations throughout the Midwest USA, but also in France, Germany and Poland. Polls indicate that over 2/3 of Evangelical youth walk away from the Church after college. But this statistic reverses dramatically when high school youth are exposed to quality creation science materials before high school graduation. Our churches need to provide the apologetics and training to overcome the atheistic teaching to help the next generation develop a Christian worldview and the convictions that last a lifetime.


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    Age of the Earth
    Dinosaurs in the Bible
    Flood and Geology
    God and the Bible
    Human Origins
    Radiometric Dating
    Religion and Philosophy
    Social Issues
    Top Three Reasons Evolution Is Bad Science
    Evolution: An Unnatural Selection
    Atheism and the Origin of Life
    Dinosaurs, People, and the Bible
    Natural Selection and the Bible
    Human Genetics and the Bible
    Astronomy and the Bible
    Is the Big Bang a Bid Dud?
    Millions of Years! Where did the idea come from?
    Grand Canyon & Flood Geology
    In God’s Image? or Planet of the Apes?
    Aliens, UFOs and the Bible
    Comparative Anatomy: Evolution or Design?
    The Fossil Record: Evidence for Evolution or Creation?
    Men of Science – Men of God
    Carbon-14 and the Age of the Earth
    Going on a Dinosaur Dig

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